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Lawrence Homelifts Ltd specialise in the supply and installation of Italian designed and manufactured Screw Driven Homelifts for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Our screw driven Homelifts are designed primarily for private homes and are fully customisable for size between minimum and maximum dimensions (min 940mm x 1025mm / max 1460mm x 1525mm outside dimensions) and allow for multiple entry/exit points. These unique Homelifts will often fit into properties where standard lifts may not, and are built to customers specific requirements being fully customisable in size, colour and finish. The DomoFlex range of Homelifts can travel up to a maximum of 10 metres which allows for a Homelift to fit into the majority of new, or existing houses with the open model having the added advantage that it can be installed easily into loft rooms, or rooms with lower ceiling heights.

DomoFlex the silent screw-driven platform lift.

The DomoStep and EasyPlat range of Platform Step Lifts have been designed to fit both indoor and outdoor environments with unique design details providing solutions which overcome architectural barriers and can provide full independence to wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility.

Lawrence Homelifts can also supply and install a range of Lifts that are suitable for commercial and home applications, with the InDomo and Icon range.

Our range of Homelifts and Platform Lifts have designs for all.


Elderly, Disabled, Wheelchair Users, Carers, Persons with reduced mobility, Adults, Children.


Future proof your home, allow access to the whole of your home for all, assist with house tasks by reducing fatigue, seamlessly integrate into your home with minimal structural impact and easy connection to household electrical supply, add value to your home.

Reduced Installation Time

Pre-assembled mechanical and electrical kits allow for a quick installation.

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Premium Build Quality

DomoFlex is the only screw-driven Homelift with an anti-seismic structure and is designed for maximum safety in any condition.

Exceptional Italian Design

Unique Italian style with attention to quality.

Design & Construction

Specialised products designed to overcome architectural barriers with designed-in safety features.

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